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Empowered Employment

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About Project Empowered Employment

Project Empowered Employment
A technology center providing empowering employment to the blind.
Commtech USA
Tucson Arizona United States

Flexible goal

Project Empowered Employment: A Tech Center Empowering blind persons to gain employment based on qualifications not perceived abilities. Give blind people access to technology industry employment based on their degrees, credentials and experience.

These days it’s no big deal to browse the internet to find a job in your field you are qualified for, go through the application process and write a cover letter and a resume, with ease and confidents on one’s computer or mobile device.
It’s no wonder the technology has found its way into the workplace, where professionals use their education, experience and background to be efficient at their PC, but blind people and
Others with disabilities must have more education, more experience and work twice as hard if not more for a convenience everyone else takes for granted. Project Empowered Employment plugs right into today’s leading screen readers
To provide blind and otherwise disabled people using background, degrees/credentials an experience as efficient as everyone else can and should.
Please help us close the gap
Between qualified blind professionals and empowering technology employment.

Upon its opening, Project Empowered Employment will hire train and employ a staff of technology qualified individuals who are blind. Blind persons will be recruited based on background, experience, qualifications and credentials. Will be given the opportunity to work in an all-inclusive fully accessible technology center that focuses on tech support, training, web development and other related areas. As well as be given the opportunity to branch out in to other fields such that garnered contracts will provide.

Project Empowered Employment at a Glance

The Project Empowered Employment team is ready to design, develop, implement, and deploy a sophisticated technology center based in downtown Tucson Arizona,
That will:

•Support critical operations including: evaluations and assessments, troubleshooting, design and deployment of solutions to customer problems and more
•Provide access to all aspects of standard technology industry employment, from sales to support, installation to deployment, software evaluation to development and design, and much more
•Require no changes to the screen reader’s default scripts or configurations
•Include complete, professionally written documentation for day to day operation

Our Team of Experts

Project Empowered Employment is coming together on the strength of a top shelf group of accessibility innovators. Gabe Vega , founder of Commtech USA providing empowerment and independence to the blind community since 2005, and the first in the blindness field to provide low monthly subscription based consumer service to the blind, is leading a team of respected names well-known in the world of accessibility as well as assistive and information technologies, including: Gabe Vega, CEO and his staff at Commtech USA
Are contributing their top talent to a project everyone agrees is essential for today’s modern blind job seeker.

How Will It Work?

Project Empowered Employment will be a public office location, open to the public at large but with a specialty in assistive technology. Staffed by qualified blind technology professionals. The tech center will have the staff provide all services that Commtech USA already provides, but at the same time, fulfill a need of hiring blind persons on the strength of their background, education and experience and not put an unnecessary consideration on their disability because Commtech USA is fully aware that this work is doable by them. Other contracts will be bid on to expand the offerings that Project Empowered Employment may offer a staff member. Our original minimal software will work with the following screen readers. Systems that are accessible with
Mac Voiceover,
ZoomText Fusion,
That handle the operation for those specific customer needs.

A person with a disability can, at Project Empowered Employment find technology based employment only standing on the strength of their actual background, not of what anyone might believe their abilities are due to their disability. At Project Empowered Employment blind workers will be expected to maintain pace with their co-workers Writing e-mails, searching
The web, and collaborating on documents in order to fulfill their customer needs. Employment and the act of finding employment no longer has to be a practice of over achieving unnecessarily for those who work at Project Empowered Employment.

Listen to Gabe Vega CEO of Commtech USA and lead of Project Empowered Employment speak of the history and success of Commtech USA who is making Project Empowered Employment happen!

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We hope that Project Empowered Employment will find its way into the hands of as many blind qualified job seekers as possible.

Why You Should be Part of Project Empowered Employment

The Commtech USA team reaches out to you because we think you get it. Unlike many people who believe we have come far enough in technological advancements and that use of it when finding employment
For persons with disabilities, you know better. You’ve heard the same feel good stories, about how this agency, or that non-profit helps the blind get ready for a job, or find a job. But there never is a company, or an agency that will hire the blind directly.
For the more than 65 million blind people around the world, and like us, you believe this population should not have to try harder and work more to make their desire
Of gaining employment equal for all. That’s why we need you to become a part of Project Empowered Employment, today.

With your generous investment we will:

•Pay for the software responsible for the magic under the hood
•Set up a highly qualified technical support system ready at launch
•Prepare the comprehensive documentation needed to assess and train potential employees

The Project Empowered Employment Milestones

As this is a “flexible funding” Indie Go-Go campaign, the Project Empowered Employment team will get the dollars contributed even if it doesn’t make the entire $25,000
Goal. The following are the different milestones that the fundraiser may reach and what the team will do at each funding level:

•$10,000 – the minimum. When the dollars contributed reach this level, the team will commence work on deploying the tech center in its most minimal configuration.
•$15,000 – support for 2 blind staff members to be brought in to be trained and employed in the tech center.
•$20,000 – The team adds 2 more blind staff members, totally the number of blind technology employees to 4 total.
•$25,000 – Project Empowered Employment opens to the public, and has a staff of 5 blind staff members.
•$50,000 -The team adds 5 more to its staffing levels six months after the tech center opening.
•$80,000 – Our goal in which the team builds and releases the “gold plated” version of the Tech Center a 15 person+ center with multiple contracts ranging from Software development, Web Development, Tech Support and Training locally and remotely, Tech Sales, and Repair 1 year after the tech center opening.

We appreciate your generosity in helping to accomplish our shared mission of making accessibility in employment a right, not an afterthought.

Why Project Empowered Employment

I was browsing the wanted ads with my cousin in 2001. I was 16, and just like every other teen ager at the time, new that if I wanted more of a social
life and success I would need to find a job. We found an ad, and although he chose not to pursue it, I was excited. It said that if you showed up to this
office, took a small assessment, they would do same day interviews, provide you with training and to hurry down because they were in need of staff. This
was a call center.

I arrived with the excitement and the enthusiasm of a boy on his first date. I dressed with the best clothes I had, and new I was going to hit it big with
this job and use it as a platform to make me fly! But, once I got there and I met the owner, he asked if maybe Ii was at the wrong place of business, maybe
I took a wrong turn in trying to find the local Blind Community Center. I advised him I was in the correct place and I came across his ad in the newspaper
and I was there to take his assessment and get interviewed for my new job. The big eager smile on my face faded very quickly, to a heart breaking frown,
when his tone of voice changed from pity in helping a lost blind man, find his way to the local charity of the blind, to one of disbelieve and disgust
of how could a blind man ever perform the task he wished to hire people for.

He spoke to me in the most annoyed voice and said I didn’t get to take the assessment, and he wasn’t going to take time out of his day to interview me
because he knew I couldn’t do the job. When I explained to him that I was in fact familiar with Windows, Mac and had a very technical background, he sighed
deeply and said look, I paid 30,000 dollars for this system, and I know it won’t work for you.

At that I turned around with my first employment rejection and my lump in my throat, my tears burning my eyes and my pride smashed to pieces. I told myself,
I wouldn’t never put myself through this again!

How Do We Change the Numbers

Here at Commtech we don’t want anyone to go through that, ever! The emotional trama such an experience will put one through is great and they feel of loss,
hopelessness and worthlessness is very discouraging.

We want to provide a place that questions of one’s ability is only based on their skill set and not by another person’s perception of what they might be
able to do.

We will, have employment in Tucson,……

In our last blog we told you that we had a plan to change the numbers. how the blind and the disabled will now have a fair chance of employment, in the mainstream technology industry, not just one made for, or designed with the disabled in mind.

Well then, let Commtech USA introduce you to: Project Empowered Employment please check out the link to watch a 2 minute video and to read our very in-depth plan on how we plan on making this a reality with your help. please spread our IindyGoGo fund raiser far and wide, even if you can’t contribute, the spreading of the word heps out so much.

We have great discounts and perks available on the fund raiser so if you ever wanted to do a good deed and yet, become a commtech client now is the time.

Be sure to visit the Project Empowered Employment updates page here at Commtech USA. We will keep you updated with the latest happenings, the milestones we reach and more! you can also subscribe to our Project Empowered Employment email Newsletter to always be sure you are on top of the latest of the project.

The Project Empowered Employment crowd fund raiser is well on it’s way. Here is a podcast that you can listen to by simply pressing the play button below, and hear how we plan on changing mainstream tech industry job availability for the blind.