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Introducing Remote Vision, a pair of eyes when you need them

January 11, 2015 • Commtech LLC Staff

(Phoenix Arizona) Commtech LLC a national tech firm based out of Phoenix Arizona, announces a new service highly requested by many around the world, Remote Vision, a monthly subscription service that allows one to use remote video technology to have a Commtech staff member be a visual assistant to some one in need for reading, locating items and so much more. at 29.99 per month, estimated to be about a dollar a day, Commtech LLC feels that it is a small price to pay to receive such a valuable service. Commtech LLC is soon to announce bundle subscription, so when you subscribe to one of their many other monthly subscriptions you can save up to ten percent by paying for more than one service per month. Commtech LLC also will be providing this service 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. to subscribe go to
The Remote Vision Check Out page
or go to the Commtech LLC home page at Commtech LLC and click the Monthly Subscriptions link up at the top and select the Remote Vision Subscriptions.any questions call Commtech LLC at (888) 351-5289.

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