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Lets Change the Numbers

February 8, 2017 • Commtech LLC Staff

I was browsing the wanted ads with my cousin in 2001. I was 16, and just like every other teen ager at the time, new that if I wanted more of a social life and success I would need to find a job. We found an ad, and although he chose not to pursue it, I was excited. It said that if you showed up to this office, took a small assessment, they would do same day interviews, provide you with training and to hurry down because they were in need of staff. This was a call center.

I arrived with the excitement and the enthusiasm of a boy on his first date. I dressed with the best clothes I had, and new I was going to hit it big with this job and use it as a platform to make me fly! But, once I got there and I met the owner, he asked if maybe Ii was at the wrong place of business, maybe I took a wrong turn in trying to find the local Blind Community Center. I advised him I was in the correct place and I came across his ad in the newspaper and I was there to take his assessment and get interviewed for my new job. The big eager smile on my face faded very quickly, to a heart breaking frown, when his tone of voice changed from pity in helping a lost blind man, find his way to the local charity of the blind, to one of disbelieve and disgust of how could a blind man ever perform the task he wished to hire people for.

He spoke to me in the most annoyed voice and said I didn’t get to take the assessment, and he wasn’t going to take time out of his day to interview me because he knew I couldn’t do the job. When I explained to him that I was in fact familiar with Windows, Mac and had a very technical background, he sighed deeply and said look, I paid 30,000 dollars for this system, and I know it won’t work for you.

At that I turned around with my first employment rejection and my lump in my throat, my tears burning my eyes and my pride smashed to pieces. I told myself, I wouldn’t never put myself through this again!

How Do We Change the Numbers

Here at Commtech we don’t want anyone to go through that, ever! The emotional trama such an experience will put one through is great and they feel of loss, hopelessness and worthlessness is very discouraging.

We want to provide a place that questions of one’s ability is only based on their skill set and not by another person’s perception of what they might be able to do.

We will, have employment in Tucson,……


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