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Audio Learning Uber on the iPhone Part 1

April 27, 2017 • Commtech LLC Staff

In this 12 minute lesson, part of the Commtech Academy Advance IOS series we take a look at the popular Uber ride share app, teaching you how to request a ride, and familuarize yourself to the app, from a blindness perspective.

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Help Us Change the Numbers

March 25, 2017 • Commtech LLC Staff

In our last blog we told you that we had a plan to change the numbers. how the blind and the disabled will now have a fair chance of employment, in the mainstream technology industry, not just one made for, or designed with the disabled in mind.

Well then, let Commtech USA introduce you to: Project Empowered Employment please check out the link to watch a 2 minute video and to read our very in-depth plan on how we plan on making this a reality with your help. please spread our IindyGoGo fund raiser far and wide, even if you can’t contribute, the spreading of the word heps out so much.

We have great discounts and perks available on the fund raiser so if you ever wanted to do a good deed and yet, become a commtech client now is the time.

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Lets Change the Numbers

February 8, 2017 • Commtech LLC Staff

I was browsing the wanted ads with my cousin in 2001. I was 16, and just like every other teen ager at the time, new that if I wanted more of a social life and success I would need to find a job. We found an ad, and although he chose not to pursue it, I was excited. It said that if you showed up to this office, took a small assessment, they would do same day interviews, provide you with training and to hurry down because they were in need of staff. This was a call center.

I arrived with the excitement and the enthusiasm of a boy on his first date. I dressed with the best clothes I had, and new I was going to hit it big with this job and use it as a platform to make me fly! But, once I got there and I met the owner, he asked if maybe Ii was at the wrong place of business, maybe I took a wrong turn in trying to find the local Blind Community Center. I advised him I was in the correct place and I came across his ad in the newspaper and I was there to take his assessment and get interviewed for my new job. The big eager smile on my face faded very quickly, to a heart breaking frown, when his tone of voice changed from pity in helping a lost blind man, find his way to the local charity of the blind, to one of disbelieve and disgust of how could a blind man ever perform the task he wished to hire people for.

He spoke to me in the most annoyed voice and said I didn’t get to take the assessment, and he wasn’t going to take time out of his day to interview me because he knew I couldn’t do the job. When I explained to him that I was in fact familiar with Windows, Mac and had a very technical background, he sighed deeply and said look, I paid 30,000 dollars for this system, and I know it won’t work for you.

At that I turned around with my first employment rejection and my lump in my throat, my tears burning my eyes and my pride smashed to pieces. I told myself, I wouldn’t never put myself through this again!

How Do We Change the Numbers

Here at Commtech we don’t want anyone to go through that, ever! The emotional trama such an experience will put one through is great and they feel of loss, hopelessness and worthlessness is very discouraging.

We want to provide a place that questions of one’s ability is only based on their skill set and not by another person’s perception of what they might be able to do.

We will, have employment in Tucson,……


Employment Statistics for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: U.S.

High Rate of Unemployment for the Blind

Unemployment Rates and Reasons, Dissing the Blind

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Holiday Discounts from Commtech USA

December 14, 2016 • Commtech LLC Staff

Below is a listing of special discounts to new and current members. please spread far and wide.

1. All monthly subscriptions have been deeply discounted:

You can buy as many months, as you wish at the listed price. buy 11 months and get the 12th month free!

A. 59.99 now 29.99, remote support, training and tech support 30 days. 24-7 tech support and training, as well as access to remote computer support and video based training and support with a blind and sighted technician for blindness and sight based tech needs. Perfect for those who don’t have on call access to sighted friends or neighbors, Let Commtech be that on call personal pair of eyes you need.

B. 49.99 now 24.99 Unlimited training. Schedule 24 hours in advanced and pick your topic of what you want to learn about. 30 days.

C. 39.99 now 19.99 Just need tech support? your own personal I.T. department? then let our unlimited tech support plan be the subscription for you. 30 days.

We support all platforms, Apple, Android, Mac, Windows and much more! We are the Geek Squad for the blind!

You can buy as many months at this price that you want to buy ahead of time. buy 11 months, and get 1 month free! Also, you can buy subscriptions, one month or a full year, for some one else as a gift. Just provide us with their name and email at the time of purchase and we’ll let them know you thought of them.

2. Commtech USA is producing an Online Learning Academy and Now Taking Pre-orders:

Maybe Phone or video based support isn’t your thing. You might do a lot better using audio or video based self paced training to fulfill your learning need? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Commtech USA is producing an online academy that we want you to be a part of. if you order now, you can get 75% off the going rate once the Academy is open for students. We will be providing audio and video learning courses on the following:

A. Android Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

B. IOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Apple TV) Basic, and Advanced.

C. Mac, Basic and Advanced.

D. Windows and Office, Basic and Advanced.

We have a special rate for our pre-orders. Until Dec 24th, 2016 We are Letting you pay 10.99 for the Silver plan, and 21.99 for the Gold plan. This is a one time charge, for one course. later, you will be presented with options to purchase other courses and topics, and if you buy now, you will receive a deep discount just for being a paid member, when the new courses are released. Launch time for the Academy is expected Mid January 2017.

3. Thats Not All:

Until December 24th 2016, If you buy a year’s worth of monthly subscription, we will donate a month free to any one of your choosing, so not only do you get support, but we will be donating a free month of our service to anyone you choose if you purchase a year’s worth of service. And yes, same goes for the Academy, by all available courses offered now, and we will donate a course free to any one of your choosing. It doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t feel comfortable paying online? call us, (888) 351-5289. We take Visa, MasterCard, money order and Paypal, and Paypal Credit, Chase Quick Pay, Square Cash..

Want to be kept up on our discounts, specials and get free tech tips. subscribe to our newsletter.

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Introducing Remote Vision, a pair of eyes when you need them

January 11, 2015 • Commtech LLC Staff

(Phoenix Arizona) Commtech LLC a national tech firm based out of Phoenix Arizona, announces a new service highly requested by many around the world, Remote Vision, a monthly subscription service that allows one to use remote video technology to have a Commtech staff member be a visual assistant to some one in need for reading, locating items and so much more. at 29.99 per month, estimated to be about a dollar a day, Commtech LLC feels that it is a small price to pay to receive such a valuable service. Commtech LLC is soon to announce bundle subscription, so when you subscribe to one of their many other monthly subscriptions you can save up to ten percent by paying for more than one service per month. Commtech LLC also will be providing this service 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. to subscribe go to
The Remote Vision Check Out page
or go to the Commtech LLC home page at Commtech LLC and click the Monthly Subscriptions link up at the top and select the Remote Vision Subscriptions.any questions call Commtech LLC at (888) 351-5289.

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