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Come check out our course offerings at Commtech USA!

Do you have an iPhone? Perhaps you just bought a new computer, a new apple watch, or maybe you want to learn a new skill or software! Commtech USA has 8 courses for you to enjoy, and there is more to come!
Looking at buyhing a new desktop? Our Windows basics course showcases Windows narator, a useful screen reader packaged with all versions of windows, but notably more accessible in windows 10! This course takes you from narator initialization onto navigating the desktop and start menu, using edge, mail, calendar, and people. Whether you are a seasoned computer user or are turning your computer on for the first time, this course has something for everyone!
Are you a fan of file sharing and colaboration? Let us introduce you to our Dropbox 101 course. This course will teach you how to download and configure the desktop dropbox client, explore the toolbar, create files and folders, save files to dropbox, share files and folders with others, and overall present you with the functionality you’ll need to get started! Dropbox is used by many individuals and businesses across the world. Having the knowledge to use this powerful tool will give you a skill that you can carry even into employment.
Have you ever wanted to talk to more than one person and do it quickly and efficiently? Try our Google Meet course, which will guide you step by step on using this popular conferencing system designed by a reputable company, from a BVI perspective, using assistive technology!
And while we’re on the subject of meeting up with people around you, why not tackle our social media course? If you need an accessible take on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, you’ll be glad to have made this purchase, which will doubtless bring you closer to your current connections, engage new one’s and help you obtain information important to you!
Not a windows user? We also have our iOS Basics course. This course leads you through turning on voiceover, configuring voiceover settings, gestures such as the roter, different typing modes, braille screen input, the app switcher, and more. Come check it out and learn or rediscover iOS and the functionality it offers!
Did you know you can read your own mail and other physical documents? Want to try it out? Our course on KNFB Reader is just for you! This course explains in depth how to set up and use the KNFB reader app on an iPhone, how to use the app to obtain information about any printed material you may need to read, how best to hold the phone in order to achieve good results and other things to keep in mind while using the app! Never miss an important letter again; let Commtech USA help you read with ease!
Time is of the essence today and we all know that. Let us help you save some with our Apple watch course. From setting up and paring an Apple watch to configuration of faces and apps used by Commtech staff, this course teaches you all you’ll need to know about your new apple watch.
And finally, if you’ve ever wanted to get an idea off the ground but struggled with setting up a site to give it that extra push into the commercial market, our Website 101 course will help you along the way! From learning what to look for in a hosting provider, to acquiring a Domain through a registrar, to setting up an FTP client and managing dns settings, we’re confident you will find this course invaluable and packed full of useful insight. Establish your internet presence!
Tought for the blind and visually impaired by the blind and visually impaired Commtech USA’s courses offer you the knowledge and skills to do the things you need to do at an affordable price. For information on any of these 6 courses or to keep up with our course offerings as we are releasing new courses every day, please visit us today!

Accessivision courses

Alternatively, call 1 (833) 345-8324 and our staff will be happy to speak to you on obtaining any assistance you may need.
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Back by popular demand but only for a limited time, Commtech USA has something special to offer you! Commtech will gladly give you unlimited training and technical support on a monthly basis for just $69.99! Come and experience the high-quality service we’ve been giving our customers for the past 15 years! With staff located throughout the United States ensuring that you get coverage when you need it, training and technical support honestly couldn’t be more flexible! Whether it’s hardware or software, computers or smartphones, notable notetakers and adaptive devices for the blind or smart glasses, Commtech USA is here for you!
Additionally, you can also check out our yearly subscription which offers you all the same benefits for less at $649.99! No joke! For less money than it takes to make a call to your average tech company for an hour of technical support, you can have that and VR standard training on adaptive products and services! Purchase our monthly subscription at $69.99 or pay for 12 months of the same for less at $649.99!
As a token of our appreciation, if you purchase any of these subscriptions before August 5, you will be grandfathered for life! Your prices for these subscriptions will never change?, ensuring that you always get the best prices on the services you need, when you need them!
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All subscription based offers only available until August 5. Other products and services are available; please contact Commtech USA with any questions concerning customizability, selection and pricing not mentioned in this advertisement. Cases, screen protectors and phone service is offered with all smart devices.