Blind Art, Three Easy Halloween Projects for Kids

By: Amber Kraft

Now that it is October and Halloween is quickly approaching, here is a few projects to get you in the spirit.

1. Leaf ghosts

For this project you will need to go outside and collect a few leaves to make into ghosts. After getting leaves you will need to paint them with white paint and add the eyes with a black marker once they dry. When adding the eyes, you will just need to add two black dots with the marker. The part of the leaf that is more rounded is what you will want to have at the top.

Things you need for this project,

• leaves 

• white paint 

• black marker 

2. Paper plate pumpkin

For this project: you will paint a paper plate orange, then add a green stem and a face to it. When cutting out the stem, it does not have to be perfect as every pumpkin stem is different. What I would do, if your child can’t do the cutting themselves, is to use the corner of the green paper. When using the corner you will only have to make two cuts to make a rectangle. Once you have the stem cut out, you can glue it on to your pumpkin and then cut out the face for your pumpkin from the black paper. If your child can not cut this out themselves, it is quite simple to do yourself. You can cut off two of the corners of your black paper giving you triangles to use for the eyes. Next you can either do one cut of another corner of your paper to make a triangle nose or two cuts by the corner making it a square nose. The next part is the most challenging for cutting but there is no right or wrong way to cut out the mouth. For all of the pieces for the face and the stem, you could also let your child rip these out rather than cutting it making their pumpkin all their own.

What you need for this project,

• paper plate

• green paper 

• black paper 

• orange paint

• glue 

3. Pompon spiders

For these fun little spiders you will want to start by cutting your Pipe cleaners in half. After you have them cut you will twist them together at the center of them giving you eight legs. Now you will glue on a pompom in the center of your pipe cleaners that you have twisted together giving you four legs on each side. Once gluing on the first pompon to the legs you will then glue a second pompon on to the first one for the head of the spider. Lastly you will glue on your two Googly eyes.

Things you need for this project,

• black pompoms 

• black pipe cleaners 

• Googly eyes 

• glue 

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