Commtech USA just released our long awaited Pro Audio Course check it out!

Are you an artist looking to get out there on the scene? Are you interested in turning your vocal art, your musical art and your abilities in to something the world could enjoy? Are you stuck inside because of all these covid lock downs and can’t attend school to continue your schooling for audio production. Well then, Let us help you! Music Producer and Visually impaired piano player, Daniel Contreras with Commtech USA under our Accessivision Brand is proud to announce our new Audio Production with Logic Pro course. with 5 modules to start with, we are here to take you from the beginnings of music producing to a greater understanding on how to make it sound its greatest to its full potential. and for a limited amount of time, you can get this course for only $99.99 that’s right, other courses in this field don’t even teach half of what we are training you to do, and charge hundreds of dollars more. but this price is only good until sunday! just $99.99 you can take your music abilities to the pro level. check it out at

By Commtech USA

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