Commtech USA now available on the Apple Podcasts App and directory and soon to be on Apple News, And our iOS App is coming soon!

We here at Commtech USA strive to publish our Articles, Audio and Video training and support for the blind in as many places as we can. to that end, we have submitted and published our podcast to the Apple Podcast app and directory, as well as to Google Podcast App and Directory. at this time we have been approved to Apple Podcasts, and are still awaiting Google.

Another source we have submitted to is to the Apple News App, here we will submit Assistive Technology News, and Reviews, as well as more free Training audio and videos to help empower the lives of the blind.

Our iOS and Mac Apps is currently in development and is coming along very well, It is under development by a well known blind developer Mike Doise of iAccessibility LLC

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to give us a call (833) 345-8324.

By Commtech USA

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