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GoldWave 101 by Jack

Rounding out the Windows Audio Space!
For a while, we have had courses out for well known digital audio workstations, with the recent addition of Reaper on WIndows. But what if you aren’t after a multitrack audio editor? What if you’re looking for something simple for some simple edits? Maybe you’re editing a solo podcast on the road and don’t have space to set up a workstation or juggle license hardware around? Maybe you just need something that will get the job done that is lightweight and puts minimal strain on system resources. Folks, that program is GoldWave, and we’re proud to present our course on it! This course will go over Goldwave in detail, and get you recording and editing in no time!
Available for $39.99 for a limited time! Get it while you can!

Reaper101 By Jack

we are proud to expand our audio production presence into the Reaper world! Reaper is a cross-platform, robust, and extremely affordable digital audio workstation. Accessibility is masterfully designed for both platforms by the Osara plugin, making using Reaper with a screen reader an absolute breeze! you too can learn how to use Reaper accessibly! as Reaper accessibility expands, so will this course! One purchase gets you access to all future updates to the course! And to top it all off, we proudly offer you our highly regarded on-call tech support for anything related to the Reaper course, including any updates to the course!
We're ready when you are. Order the Reaper course today, and kickstart your audio production journey!

Learn Logic Pro X Course Creator Daniel Contreras

Daniel Contreras

My name is Daniel Contreras, and I am a blind musician from Texas. I have been playing the keyboard since I was a little boy, and I ventured into music-making for the first time at the age of 12. I have always had an interest in music software since my first exposure to a software by the name of Fruity Loops. During my time in college/university studying classical piano, I also took time to learn Garageband, which eventually led me to Logic Pro X. I now use Logic on a regular basis for a variety of purposes involving music composition and music production. 

Course Description

If you are new to Logic Pro, or you want to have a firm understanding of this software, then this 5-part course is just what you need. This course will cover the essential components of Logic. From starting a new project, to a detailed step by step process for creating automation, this course will cover the necessary tools and concepts in order for you to have great success with this software. Some of the subjects include: 
• The different types of tracks and their purpose 
• Recording and editing midi 
• working with audio takes 
• How to use Logic’s Drummer 

Get acquainted with Logic Pro today. 

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Daniel Contreras is now available for piano/keyboard and music theory lessons. With over four years of experience in teaching piano to students of a wide variety of ages and backgrounds, I would like to offer my services as a piano and theory teacher. I completed my bachelors in piano performance at Sam Houston State University in 2016 and completed my graduate studies in 2018. Though the main focus of my collegiate studies consisted of classical piano, I also spent several years as the pianist for the top level Jazz band at my university. In addition to my university studies, I also have experience in other genres such as latin and contemporary pop. I can also offer training in aural skills that can help you in your sensibility to hearing chords and melodies. Here are some of the subjects that I cover:
• Scales and arpeggios
• Repertoire )depending on goals and level of student)
• Music theory for analysis or composition
• Aural skills (ear training)
• Beginner and intermediate Jazz improvisation
• Jazz harmony

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Garcia, Learn Braille Music

Ulysses Garcia

Ulysses Garcia lives in the beautiful green state of Oregon and is a self-taught musician. making music. 'I've been an avid musician for almost twenty years,' says Ulysses. 'I play five instruments including the piano, organ, flute, clarinet, and guitar. Ulysses is very excited to teach others how to read music in Braille, so they too can play the music they enjoy