CRP Certification Site Review Completed

Our meeting with the California Department of Rehabilitation went fairly well. The review staff arrived at 9:15 yesterday morning, and a meeting was held on the next steps in the process. A walk through was performed through out our facility, and we showed the review staff the Assistive Technology Lab 108 and the Independent Living Skills and Braille Office 109. We also showed our community space, as well as our kitchen. A couple of suggestions were given regarding client supervision and we took note of said suggestions.

The meeting ended with a statement that we would be contacted with in a week with the next steps and what documents, and procedures we would have to submit in order to proceed in the process.

It’s a good thing we just extended our lease, because we will be here for a long while to come! Thank you so much Kern County for the support, and we are glad to be supporting the blind community here in Bakersfield and beyond.

By Commtech USA

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