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For only two more days, these prices will be this low, get the Logic Pro, music producing course, taught by a blind professional producer and music instructor, for only 99 dollars, normally 139.99. Do you need music training, piano lessons, or just want time with an accomplished, musician We now have hourly training bundles! 1 hour, 40 dollars, 2 hour 70, and 3 hours of professional music training for only 100 dollars! Want to learn Windows 10? normally 99 dollars, now just 49. learn dropbox, normally 49 dollars, now just 29. learn from a Blind College Instructor on how to use Jaws, 29. or word and excel, only 69. learn how to use the iphone, or use the iphone for getting sighted help, starting just at 39 dollars. Want to learn how to use Apps, like Voice Dream Reader, Writer, or Scanner? maybe you want to use the KNFB Reader App? yep, just starting at 24.99. Maybe you just got an Apple Watch, or you want to use your iphone with a braille display? and we are talking using a braille display to use your entire phone, from startup to shut down, starting at just 24.99. These are just some, of the courses we have to offer at Accessivision, a Commtech USA brand. go to
Do you need 1 on 1 training, do you need some one to call when you run in to trouble with your computer, phone, ipad or software, maybe windows is giving you trouble, freezing, or not talking. does jaws crash, NVDA freeze, or your braille display gives you fits? do you need to learn how to accomplish a task on the iphone, or your new android phone? then, get a training subscription, for only 39 dollars. thats unlimited, training and support, for 30 days for just 1.33 dollars a day. and if you want a bigger discount, buy a yearly subscription for only 399.99. go to


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