Gear Yourself Twards Success By Donald Brown

Some people think that success means tons of money in the bank. While that may be true, there are other proofs of successfulness that you need to take a look at as well. For example, are you truely happy? Do you wake up each morning looking forward to doing what you’re going to do, or do you find yourself struggling to get out of bed each morning and wake up in a very grumpy mood? Your measure of success all depends upon you and your overall attitude in life. That is, you actually have a choice to be grumpy and mad when you wake up each morning, or you can wake up happy, energized and ready to face the day no matter what it brings you. We all have the exact same choice and the choice that we choose will definitely shape our entire day whether we realize it or not.

Now I am in no way talking about some New Age philosopy here, but what I am referring to is the actual choice you make to be happy or not to be happy. I am in no way saying that you should ignore your feelings and emotions. When you work, you should be doing work that makes you happy each and every day. The work should never ever be just a task you perform. It should be something that you really look forward to doing each and every day.

Another mark of success is when you enjoy talking about what you do. If you absolutely can’t wait to share with other people what it is that you do, then that too is a measure of success. However, the most important part of success is pure honesty. You can’t have success without being honest in your business. You have always heard that honesty is the best policy. Well it is absolutely true.

Being totally honest in your business and your business practices means that you don’t dabble in any dishonest practices, techniques or strategies of any kind whatsoever. It also means being totally transparent with your customers. Don’t hide anything and don’t lie. Don’t show fake screen shots of income, and always tell everything that you need to tell about your products and services.

Even being vague is a form of dishonesty because you’re not revealing the entire truth. If you really want your customers to trust you, then you have to be 100% honest at all times no matter how tempting it is to cut corners, or even lie just a little. If you begin to dabble in dishonesty even in the smallest amount, the more that you do it, the easier it becomes to do it until you are finally not telling your customers the truth and you end up lying all of the time just to make a quick buck. That’s not the way to handle your business and that is also the quickest way to loose your business as well.

If you really want to be successful, then you are going to have to do things the right way all of the time no matter the cost. That’s because if you want to truthfully make more money the right way, then you’re going to have to be totally transparent in all your business practices. You need to realize that by cutting corners, you’re only hurting yourself in the end. Also remember, that if you really want to become successful, then you need to hang around those that are successful as well. This makes perfect sense because you can actually learn from them the things that you need to know to become successful yourself. You see, becoming successful takes a lot of hard work, determination and the ability to keep away from doing things the wrong way.

Sure it is attractive to try out a sneaky technique or strategy, but the question is; is that technique or strategy really worth using if it means cutting corners or not following what you know is right? When you follow those who are truly successful, you will also learn the techniques and strategies that they use, and you won’t have to use any of the sneaky ways to gain customers or to make money. From the truly successful, you will learn the honest and ethical ways to run and manage your business, and that’s what you want. Sure it may take a while for you to become successful yourself, but as long as you follow the truely successful, you will get there soon enough. You just have to keep on working hard towards that goal.

You see, your ultimate goal is to become as successful as humanly possible without doing things the wrong way. That is why it pays to do things the right way instead of the faster way because faster isn’t always better. Sometimes, you have to take things slow because in the end, that’s what really works.

Truly successful people think like successful people and they also think like business people. They have the business mindset, and that’s important to have. If you have the correct mindset, and you have goals that you have set for yourself that are actually attainable, then you’re well on your way. However, if you have set your goals too high, then your chances of meeting those goals just might be pretty slim indeed. Try to set goals that you know you will be able to reach. This might mean taking things in much smaller steps. However, that’s OK because even taking baby steps is the smart thing to do especially if you’re working on becoming successful. You definitely do not want to rush things.

You see, when you’re on your way to becoming successful, you will have setbacks along the way. That is natural, and it is expected. However, it is in how you deal with those setbacks that will determine at whether your successful or not. That’s because if you handle your setbacks with the goals that you have set in mind, that in itself will keep you pushing forward and finding the solutions that you need to overcome those situations at hand. As long as you keep your goals in mind and keep pushing towards them, you will over come your problems and you will continue on. However, you may say, but is it natural to want to throw in the towl? Of course it is. You’re human and as such, you will want to throw in the towl once in a while. No entrepreneur has never not thought about giving it up at times. That’s natural to think that way. However, you can’t continue to think that way. You must press onward. You must not give up. If needed, you may want to confide in someone else for assistance and help in whatever it is that you’re dealing with at the time. If you can find someone who can help you to pull through the rough times, then you won’t have to think about giving up or throwing in the towl.

Remember, if you take affirmative action, then you’re already successful because you are doing something that a lot of people aren’t doing. As long as you do something towards your goals, you’re successful. It is just that success is measured in small chunks rather than just in the end result. You will have small, medium and large successes throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, and you will still have setbacks and yes even failures from time to time. For example, do you actually believe that every single product creator has successful information products to sell online? If you believe that, then you have been living underneath a rock somewhere and you’re not facing reality.

All product creators have had their share of ultimate failures and flops over the years with their products. Not every single product that they sell is a total success. However, what sets these people apart and the reason why they can sell more products is because they can learn from their failures and flops and in doing that, they can release products that will sell and make them money. success comes from learning from your mistakes and not making them again, or doing things differently. So whether you create information products, do podcasts, create courses or whatever, you’re bound to have failures and flops from time to time. That’s the way that this business works. Nobody is successful 100% of the time.

One other thing that can sure help you towards your success is to continue your education. It doesn’t hurt to learn something new because maybe that new thing that you just learned could really help you in your business. Now this isn’t to say that everything that you learn will work in your particular business model, but if you don’t try it, you’ll never know. It is always good to try out other techniques and strategies because you never know just what particular strategy will work best for your type of business. You might discover that a particular strategy just might bring in more traffic, and more sales. Therefore, it is imparative that you at least try out the new technique or strategy to see if it is a good fit for your business.

If the technique or strategy is indeed a good fit, then you can continue to use it for as long as you need. It never hurts to try out new things in your business just so as long as what you’re trying out works for the business and you’re actually happy with it. Remember that as a business owner, it is your job to insure that all your customers are happy and that you do your best to be as transparent as possible at all times. This will indeed insure your overall success. Remember, there are going to be times when the climate in your business might not be as good as before. It may mean that you will need to make some needed changes and that’s OK because sometimes believe it or not, change is actually good for a business. However, as a business owner, you have a lot on your shoulders. You may have other employees in the business, inventory to keep up with, distributors, and who knows what else that you have to keep in constant contact with, and that in itself can be really stressful at times. Just running the business itself is stressful enough especially if your business deals with physical products. The cost of shipping those products, finding out who to use for the shipping and so on are all a part of the many moving parts of the business that you need to control.

OK, so to wrap up, how do you insure your success? Well it is really simple. The most important thing that you need to do is to remain totally transparent and not dabble in anything that is illegal, or dishonest in any way. Always tell the truth and always present your business in a way that is honest and sincere, and never ever use things like faked screen shots, or lie on your sales copy. Always let your customers know what it is that you’re offering without hiding anything from them, and at all times, have a good business mindset.

Here’s to your total success!

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