NFB-Newsline Mobile 3.0

By: Amber Kraft

The National Federation of the Blind has now released a new version of their Newsline mobile app. Newsline version 3.0 will now include a basic version of KNFB Reader integrated in to the Newsline app. The National Federation of the Blind’s Newsline app allows those who are blind, low vision, deaf-blind, or otherwise print-disabled to get access to audio publications, emergency weather alerts, job listings, and more. This audio service is free, and offers access to more than 500 different publications however you do have to sign up for this service which you can do on the National Federation of the Blinds web page.

Once you are a subscriber for Newsline, some of the things you will have access to are: National news papers such as; USA Today and The Wall Street Journal, breaking news sources such as CNN and ESPN Online, International newspapers such as Financial Times, magazines such as Smithsonian and Consumer Reports, State Newspapers, and emergency weather alerts based off your zip code or location.

With the latest update of the Newsline app, you will now have access to the basics of KNFB Reader. This lets you read printed text that is right in front of you within the Newsline app. To use this new feature in the app all you have to do is point your camera at the text you want to read and then take a picture of it. At this point in time I do believe you will also be able to save the documents that you take pictures of as well just like in the KNFB Reader app. Prior to this update KNFB Reader was a completely separate app from Newsline and the KNFB Reader app costed around $100 when it was not on sale. You are still able to get the KNFB Reader app separately from Newsline for those who do not have or want a Newsline subscription. The Newsline app is free in the apple App Store. However, unless you are a subscriber to Newsline you will not have access to any of the features in the app.

By Commtech USA

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