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Audio Square Stand Demo

Demo of blind user using Point of Sale system Square Stand in retail location


Changes during the pandemic

Due to the recent physical isolation orders across various regions and states across the nation, we are announcing our new policies in the wake of COVID-19.

First and foremost, access to Commtech USA staff, training, support and Sales teams throughout this outbreak will remain available. Because of our remote services, Commtech USA is well-positioned to remain operational during these uncertain times.

However, because a number of Commtech USA staff are also parents, Commtech USA is loosening the restrictions on allowable noise during a call, and notifies users that, while excessive noise still is not permissible during a call, they may expect some increase in background noise as agents are working from home and schools nationwide are closing. Commtech USA specifies that this policy does not change the expectation of the privacy of client’s personal information and that agents will continue to work in private spaces.

many colleges, jobs and other needed services are also transitioning to online-only classes, employment and visits at this time, Commtech USA is offering free consultations for any person through May 2020, on how we can design support and training that will fit your particular needs for employment, school or personal use. Contact or call (833) 345-8324 for more information about this offer.