Commtech is Proud to Announce our CT Learn series of blind education apps

Commtech LLC, the leader of blind rehabilitation training in Bakersfield, Kern County and the State of California is proud to announce its forthcoming series of apps aimed to complement the training we provide at our training center.

Most training centers deliver training in a cookie cutter way, and with no individualized personalization, but Commtech LLC is doing it different, more cutting edge and first, once again.

Introducing our CT Learning Apps, CT Learn Braille, CT Learn Braille Pro and CT Learn VO.

What is CT Learn Braille? Our CT Learn Braille app is our introduction to Braille app. with this app, you will have a full reference to grade one uncontracted braille, learning the braille alphabet at your own pace, with sample text to read on screen, dot formations described, and that’s not all, we even give you a free hard copy braille workbook, and free slate and stylus just for downloading the app. (Free slate and stylus while supplies last.) along with basic reading and writing lessons.

What is CT Learn Braille Pro? Want to dive into braille more? for a suggested price of $4.99 you will learn contracted UEB braille, punctuation, numbers and more. and you will get the free hard copy workbook, and a free slate and stylus. (Free slate and stylus while supply last.)

And finally, our CT Learn VO. What is it, you ask? CT Learn VO is always on, instant access to self-paced Voiceover training for Apple iPhones and iPads. Learn Voiceover at your own pace, practice Voiceover gestures when not at the training center, or on zoom with our trainers. It’s like having Commtech training in your pocket. a nice complement to our Commtech USA app. and it’s free!

Stay tuned, there is more to come. We have told you for years, we are not the blind training center from 1970, we are Commtech LLC we are redefining what blind training is for 2024 and beyond!

Gabe Vega

By Commtech USA

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