Our new Commtech USA Apps are coming!

Over the last month we have been working on something great for you all.

We are upgrading our Commtech USA apps for both iPhone and Android. and do we got a lot in store for you.

for one, we are fixing the issue to where you can’t install our apps on the newest Android phones, A simple fix but just needed to get done. on top of that we are adding features and more content to make it better. We often were told that users got an error that their phone was so new, that Google Playstore would give an error stating so, and it would not install the app. The work around was side loading but we found that was too technical for our end users.

What about iPhone?

It’s getting upgraded as well to version 2.0. We are very excited.

So what are the new features of the app?

Faster and better infrastructure for push notifications.
Schedule appointments to talk to our staff in person or on zoom, directly from in the app.
If you are not a Rehabilitation Services Administration client, this is known as Department of Rehabilitation in California or Vocation Rehabilitation in other states. purchase services like training, support, and music services from our audio production department directly from the app.
an expanded support system, offering direct access to tutorials, both video and audio. phone, sms and email support and an online F.A.Q. and help desk website to assist our clients what ever their need.
Submit a trackable help desk ticket, with a paper trail of the inquiry and results of the request.
And so much more!

Their coming soon, so watch this space.

And remember, when you have tried the rest, and need the best, We are Commtechh USA, communications, Technology; It’s who we are, It’s what we do!

By Commtech USA

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